Happy Thanksgiving my babes. I can’t even begin to describe how full my heart is. I’ve got so many things to be thankful for; too much really.

I’m thankful to have a loving and supportive family. They have always been there cheering me on and motivating me to be better, to do better, to always be learning. My parents knew I was a flight risk the moment I was born; my curiosity mixed with my brazen spirit and strong-willed personality was something that would make any parent want to hold their child tighter but my parents let me soar. They let me make my own mistakes. They let me figure things out on my own. They taught me that there’s more to life than the city that I grew up in and that home will always be there for me when I need the stability. At a young age, they instilled an inquisitive nature and a passion for life in me, and for that I am forever thankful.


I’m so thankful to have supportive parents who love me and guide me and ensure that I’m only doing things that grow me and make me happy. I’m thankful for parents and a sister that always encouraged me to be myself and never ever made me feel like less-than for eschewing societal norms. It’s pretty chill.

I’m thankful to have such amazing friends. I don’t know how I got so blessed with friends both near and far that are so genuine, so successful, so driven, so understanding, so kind, and so encouraging (I mean… like attracts like, right? 😉 ). I don’t talk to my friends everyday but I know that when we do connect, it’s like no time has passed and we can always pick up right where we left off. One thing I love is that we have all spread our wings and ventured out of California… I can fly to NYC, NC, DC, AZ, TX, FL, etc and know I’ll run into an old friend; I love it… it comes extremely handy since I travel for work quite often.

12885836_10156827550695193_1547617771649442944_o_1_(From college spring break in Havasu, to weddings in Austin; these girls are amazing and boss babes in every respect!)

I’m thankful for a career that allows creative freedom, affords me the ability to travel for work, has management that invests in me, and most importantly I’m so thankful to have a job that I’m passionate about. It’s a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together, right?

I’m thankful that I made the tough decisions and mistakes that led me here and that I’m more than a little insane. I’m thankful that I’m privileged enough to be able to say, “no regrets” and 90% mean it.

I’m designing a life I love and it feels so gratifying knowing that everything I have, everything I’ve done, everything, is all me.

I could keep listing the things that I’m thankful for but you’d start to think that I was bragging haha. Tomorrow will be spent in PJ’s making festive cocktails, listening to holiday music and decorating the place with only the most amazing Christmas decorations. Stay tuned.

Hope your holiday was bad-ass and full of calories!

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